Isaac Gutierrez

Massage Therapist

Isaac  Gutierrez
Isaac provides an environment of learning, relaxation, and comfort in order to reach a deep relaxing state (healing state). His focus on recovery and attention to detail will help you find exactly what muscle groups or “planes of motion” are being stressed the most. You will work together with Isaac to find solutions to maintain optimal health and learn about muscle compensation, physiology, mechanics, muscle fibre types, the effects that mental and emotional stress have on the physical body and much more. Core breathing is the gateway to the deep relaxation approach Isaac delivers to reach optimal recovery.
Isaac has been certified with the State of California since 2010 as a Certified Massage Therapist. He has worked along-side Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists as a PT aide, as well as at luxurious spas and is also certified for Prenatal Therapy. 
Over the years he has gained a breadth of knowledge and experience working with a wide range of athletes, professionals, and cases of trauma, and has found that all therapy is the art of letting go. Isaac received recognition as valedictorian for Santa Barbara Business College’s Therapy Program with an emphasis in Kinesiology.  Isaac also found other ways of healing and received an Associates Degree in Music as well as Philosophy. He also went onto further his education in Harmony and Arranging at one of the nations top music schools, Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Isaac is from the Sunny Gates of Southern California, a Ventura County native. He grew up in a large family of coaches and teachers, and as a budding healer of the family, he took on hobbies like music, gardening, massage, meditating, running at the beach, and spending time teaching and educating the youth. Growing up he played baseball, basketball, football, and a season of club ball before he started playing drums and interests shifted more into the arts. In high school he joined the marching band and wrestling team. Into his college years he picked up the piano, as well as bass guitar, and performed locally as well as started to produce his own music.
Today Isaac enjoys learning ways in which we can improve upon our lives; through gardening for our own foods/medicine, composing and performing music, and helping the community, one interaction at a time.