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Oliver Layco

Massage Therapist

Oliver Layco

Oliver’s goal as a Massage Therapist will be to help you achieve your health and fitness goals no matter how big or small. He combines all the modalities he’s learned as a therapist to maximize the benefits for each person. In collaboration with the rest of the recovery team, Oliver can help you recover and prevent many injuries from occurring.

Oliver has over 1,250 hours in massage training from the National Holistic Institute with a specialization in Neuromuscular/Trigger point therapy. He likes to think of himself as an anatomy nerd and is fascinated with how the body moves and the nuances of each muscle. He is constantly learning from other healthcare professionals as well as clients to further understand how to best assist everyone in reaching their optimal selves.

Oliver grew up between SoCal and NorCal while making a stop for college in New York. While he enjoys watching basketball, his preferred sport to participate in is long distance running; specifically marathon running. He has completed 11 full marathons to date and looks to add more. When he’s not running, he enjoys going to the movies and looks to head back to theaters as often as he can.