Dr. Emily Lawrence

Director of Biomechanics

Passion Statement
I have a strong passion for both athletics and engineering and have the unique opportunity to combine the two by incorporating engineering principles to understand the effects of neuromuscular function on athletic ability.


  • Earned BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering with focuses on sensorimotor processing, rehabilitation engineering, and neuroscience
  • Earned a National Science Foundation GK-12 Fellowship during Master’s studies. Responsibilities included authoring grants to obtain educational supplies and working with area STEM teachers to develop hands-on activities that correspond to lesson plans
  • Provided engineering support to the Neuroscience Motion Laboratory at NASA’s Johnson Space Center to determine how microgravity-based changes in sensorimotor ability, cardiovascular function, and muscle physiology impact functional performance in astronauts (5 short duration (Shuttle) and 4 long duration (ISS) missions)
  • Managed a biomedical research lab at the University of Southern California while simultaneously pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  • Developed an analytical engineering approach to optimizing sports performance and mitigate injury risk in athletes, particularly young female athletes
  • Possess a strong background in clinical research and analysis techniques, hardware and software development, and prototype design
  • Published 9 full-length peer-reviewed manuscripts and have presented 27 research abstracts at 16 National and International conferences
  • Competed at the National or International level in four sports: gymnastics, soccer, disc golf, and rugby
  • NCAA Division I Soccer, Mississippi State University; USA Rugby Senior Club Division I, Santa Monica Women’s Rugby Club, currently ranked 4th in the Nation
  • Active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and organized women’s disc golf leagues in Louisiana and Texas to promote women’s involvement in sports

Top Strengths

  • Passion for knowledge and learning
  • Determination
  • Innovative nature
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Forward thinker, foresight, strong intuition


  • Honor
  • Trustworthiness
  • Loyalty


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