Nate Borunda

Director of Sports Performance

Passion Statement
I always strive to be a team player. I enjoy meeting new people and building new relationships. I am organized and seek to always learn new things and help share wisdom with others. Athletics have been my passion since I was young, I love helping others reach goals and better themselves.


  • Former Collegiate Basketball player (Masters College)
  • Organized and trained youth sports and outdoors programs for underprivileged youth in Australia.
  • Background in Exercise Science, pursing the path to Masters degree (Current-Concordia University)
  • NASM – CPT /PES Certified
  • 4 + Years as a Sports Performance Coach
  • 3 Years (Director of NBA Combine Program) 14 active players in the NBA (4 Top Ten Draft picks)
  • 2 1/2 Years (Director/Head speed Coach – NFL Pre-Draft Training Program (Athlete 2015 Tied for 3rd fastest 40 yard dash time)
  • Onsite coach in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine (facilitated mobility and recovery protocols for athletes)
  • 4 + Years facilitating pre-season, In-Season and Post – seasons training programs for over 40+ NFL Athletes
  • Worked closely with USC center for Body computing, administering strength and conditioning testing protocols for product testing (i.e. Skullcandy, Zephyr)
  • One of the Head Performances coaches on site for photo shoot workouts involving Adidas.
  • 3 + Years as head director of internships (Performance training)
  • Over 13,000 Hours of Program Design and onsite training experience
  • Head Performance coach for “Undrafted” (NFL – Network Season – 2)
  • Head Speed Coach for NFL Network “Competition” (NFL Combine Training)
  • Was apart of team that received a Sports Emmy award for “NFL UP” (Facilitated Workouts)
  • Organized and directed HS/College strength programs (Onsite testing, training)
  • Worked closely with a variety of NBA strength coaches to supplement athletes off-season training program.

Top Strengths

  • Energy and passion
  • Humble
  • Kindness and generosity
  • Perseverance
  • Critical thinking, and open-mindedness


  • family
  • perseverance
  • integrity
  • accountability
  • balance


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