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The Business Development group really enjoyed the half day offsite and all of the activities, so kudos to you and your team for helping to organize and set this up! The video was fantastic and there is a lot of energy around doing future team building activities there.

VP of Human Resources, AMGEN

Corporate Olympics

A competitive tournament that incorporates up to fourteen traditional and non-traditional sports. Employees form their own teams, create team names and logos, then compete against each other through a rotation of different sports ending with a championship game between the top two teams. Refs, score-keepers, and 1st place medals are included to create a professional atmosphere.

Key Outcomes:

  • Healthy Competition
  • Break Communication Barriers
  • Teamwork
  • Team Spirit

Our facilitators were charismatic, engaging, and informative. The workshop's exercises were a perfect fit for our company culture in playing to our peoples' competitive spirit, emphasizing the use of proper communication methods in a team-oriented environment, and most of all reminding everyone to have fun while working hard. It was a great team-building event and one that I would recommend to any company looking for an interactive activity for members of an organization at all levels.

Account Manager, Aerotek

Close Quarters Defense® — “CQD®”

The world’s foremost system of personal and team development, peak performance, and protection. CQD's Critical Edge course provides special training, skill forging, and a validation process that allows each individual to capture the edge and dominate their environment.

Group of Close Quarters Defense participants in a dark room with intense faces

CQD Program Overview

Skills Training develops an individual’s situational awareness, personal protection, and communication. We emphasize the physical stance for optimal protection, how to move in dangerous situations, as well as mental strategies to stay aware and alert in dynamic and changing environments.

Team Forging is the culminating process of the training up to this point, but now requires everyone to work together in various scenarios. Team forging is more mental than physical – requiring efficient communication and teamwork to succeed. This process will unite the team like no other training.

The Validation Process puts groups through multiple scenarios that test the processes learned in training. The validation incorporates stress inoculation and professionally trained Tactical Role Players (TRPs). This process is done one person at a time.

Key Outcomes:

  • Personal Protection Skill Set
  • Teamwork & Communication
  • Decision Making Under Stress

Our group LOVED battle blast - that’s what happens when you take a bunch of Type As and create a battle. Neither team got the flag, but we sure had a “blast” trying! The mindset session was well done, and well-timed for our group as communication can always be a challenge. Yet with the way this was presented in drawing pictures from descriptions without the one seeing the image, it was a great lesson on how people interact and most importantly interpret what they hear.

Senior Director, Kushner & Associates

Team Workshops & Challenges

A series of team workshops designed around overcoming challenges in the workplace. Each workshop focuses on specific objectives and outcomes that translate to better overall performance. These can be facilitated as an a la carte add-on to your team building program, off-site meeting, or retreat.

Workshops (Download Guide Here):

  • Listen UP!
  • Blind-Maze Challenge
  • Lego Build Challenge
  • “Sell Your Job” Workshop
  • Value-Added Communication Workshop
  • Capture the Flag
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Battle-Blast Nerf War
  • “Hired Consultant” Workshop
  • “Wellness Initiative” Idea Workshop
  • The Idea Debate: Optimism vs. Criticism


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