Learning Center


  • Association of Educational Therapists Professional membership
  • Passionate and professional educators
  • Individualized approach
  • Multiple modalities incorporated to support all learning styles
  • Faculty is dedicated to ensuring all students achieve their goals


  • Wide range of assessment batteries
  • SAT, ACT, ISEE and Wonderlick practice tests
  • Private rooms for 1-1 or small group sessions
  • Textbook library
  • Tablets and printers available for use


Sports Academy understands the rigorous demands placed on our student athletes. For that reason, we’ve created the Learning Center, a Full Circle educational resource for students of all ages and grades. Our mission is to provide the academic support our athletes need to succeed. Our team of professional educators is always available to work with students, whether they’re looking for direct one-to-one instruction or simply a quiet place to complete homework.

The Learning Center offers specialist services including educational therapy and reading acquisition, as well as comprehensive academic assessments and test preparation for SAT, ACT and ISEE. Furthermore, as most of our students plan to attend college, the Learning Center at Sports Academy offers college counseling and college application assistance.

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