Admissions Prep

Finding the college that is the right fit for your student athlete can be challenging, complicated, and anxiety-producing. Our college counselor takes the anxiety out of finding the best colleges for your student. Working collaboratively with the student, family and coaches, our college counselor structures the entire process from beginning to end maximizing your student’s opportunities for admission to top colleges in the United States and worldwide.

SAT Prep

The SAT is a time honored right of passage for every high school student intent upon college. Sports Academy utilizes Veritas Prep’s proven “Think Like the Testmaker” approach to SAT preparation. This instruction goes far beyond surface-level tips and tricks, giving students everything they need to succeed on the SAT. Additionally, every Veritas Prep instructor has scored in the 99th percentile on the official SAT, has prior teaching experience and has passed the most rigorous internal training program in the SAT preparation industry. At 25 hours, the course offers over 30% more instructor-led classroom time than all major competitors, allowing you to progress using the most advanced SAT prep material available anywhere. Let Sports Academy and Veritas Prep take some of the anxiety out of this high stakes testing.