Neuro-Psychological Evaluations

Psychoeducational Evaluations include a complete battery of assessments, observations, and interviews to uncover processes that are interfering with your child’s academic progress. Test findings identify important information about your child’s natural learning style. Our specialists look for patterns of strengths and weaknesses that emerge across the testing. The benefits of having your child tested are enormous. Over time, children with learning challenges frequently come to believe that they are “unintelligent” or that they just CAN’T learn. This can impact self-esteem, coping behaviors, and their relationships with friends and family. Many of these issues can be resolved when an assessment is conducted and an appropriate course of action is identified.

Academic Achievement Testing

Many homeschool students feel a bit apprehensive about how their academic strengths compare with those of traditionally schooled students. Academic achievement tests can determine your child’s academic fitness as compared with students across ages and grades.


Students may need support as they prepare for tests such as the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), the PSAT, SAT or ACT. Thus, the Learning Center offers workshops throughout the year designed to build test-taking skills and prepare students for these high stakes exams. For those athletes hoping to go “Pro” we offer test prep for the Wonderlick Cognitive abilities test.

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