Summer Youth Basketball League


Fridays starting June 11th




1st - 9th
Boys & Girls of all skill levels


Regular Registration: $225 | Ends June 1
Late Registration: $250 | Player may be put on the wait list


Sports Academy | 1011 Rancho Conejo Blvd, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91320

Got Questions?

Email Michael Noble for details or questions

Registration is closed

Important Dates

June 1st: Player Evaluations (7pm – 8:30pm)
June 2nd: Player Evaluations (6pm- 8pm)
June 3rd: Coaches Meeting and Draft
Week of June 7th: Practices Begin
Week of June 11th: Games Begin
July 2nd games will be moved to Wednesday, June 30
Week of August 4th: Playoffs

Game Dates

June 11th – 18th – 25th – 30th (Wednesday)
July 9th – 16th – 23rd – 30th
August 6th

Recreational League Goals

Our objectives are to develop and offer the players the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills while instilling life lessons and values such as character, respect, accountability, teamwork and sportsmanship to all who will participate in the Sports Academy Summer Youth League. Applying the discipline of sports, all participants shall endeavor to teach sportsmanship in a team environment, physical fitness through individual effort, and wholesome well-being through physical activity and social association with other youths under proper adult leadership. The objective will be achieved by providing a competitive, supervised youth basketball rec league.

This league’s focus is on the player experience

We hope all players will fall in love with the great game of basketball, meet new people, make new friends, better understand teamwork, make fantastic memories, and more.

That being said, our league performs a player evaluation, with independent evaluators, followed by a proven and well-established draft process. Simply put, this draft process allows the coaches to choose players based on their evaluations via a serpentine order with the goal of team parity and equality.

Sports Academy Summer Youth League practice times are offered indoors at Sports Academy once a week for an hour, and as space is limited, practice times may not be compatible with your or your coach’s schedule. Outdoor practices may be chosen by your coach as a solution.


Division 1: Grades 7-8 | For Boys & Girls
Division 2: Grades 5-6 | For Boys & Girls
Division 3: Grades 3-4 | For Boys & Girls
Division 4: Grades 1-2 | Co-Ed

Volunteers Coaches Wanted!

If you understand basketball in any aspect, we’d like to hear from you. We are in need of coaches for our youth leagues that range from grades 1st-9th. Contribute to a good cause, at no cost, provide leadership among our youth teams.

For youth sports players, participation is a chance to experience fun competition and learn new skills in a supportive, safe environment. Volunteer coaches help make that possible. Plus it helps you learn about the sport and spend some quality time with your kid. Volunteer head coaches help make this possible, assistant coaches are also welcome and if you are interested in either one fill out this form.

See Additional Rules , Free Throw Rules and Code of Conduct .

Week 9 Schedule