Sports Academy + Elite Athletic Academy


Enrollment Deadline
May 22nd

Year-Round Track
July 1st


Included with Elite Academic Academy

Athletic Track

  • 6 Week Cognition and Performance Development Program
  • 6 Week Camp/Clinic/Event once quarantine is lifted

Standard Track

  • 6 Week Cognition and Physical Education Development Program
  • Both tracks grant access to all Services that Sports Academy has to offer within their flagships as well as any other facility being used for services.

Elite Academic Academy (EAA) is a Tuition-Free Charter School founded by award-winning California public school educators with over 75 years of collective educational leadership experience. EAA is WASC accredited as well as NCAA approved providing high quality and rigorous standards-based virtual and traditional curriculum options.

Elite is excited to offer a year-round track that allows students to learn throughout the entire calendar year, avoiding the summer slide of traditional programs while also providing additional opportunities to pursue interests and passions through elective offerings with community partners like Sports Academy. Elite is honored to partner with them to provide high-quality student-athletes a great experience. Elite year-round track is very popular and starts on July 1st.

Students living in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, or San Diego Counties have the opportunity to enroll in Elite Academic Academy’s Year-Round Program starting July 1st. It’s a popular track so apply early! Students must enroll prior to May 22nd.

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Athletic Program Details

Elementary School Program

All K-5 students will receive custom curriculum for physical education. This will be delivered with specific content for training the brain and body. Cognitive and physical training will be delivered through one application, providing weekly/monthly goals and accountability structures. The focus of all training will be to develop foundational cognitive and physical ability the predicate more targeted skill development in adolescence.

Middle School Program

All Middle School students will receive custom content dependent on their track. The athletic tracks will focus on continuing functional physical/cognitive development, as well as foundational sport-specific skill development. Students on the athletic track will now gain exposure to visualization and motor-imagery protocols in order to receive instruction and mental repetition on proper technique across a variety of sports. Non-athletes will focus on cognition under load (i.e., maintaining peak performance even while distracted or tasks are more complex).

High School Program

All High School students will receive custom content dependent on their track. In place of foundational technique and visualization drills, the cognitive training will focus on more specific tactical decision-making and anticipation skills. Likewise, the physical portion of the training will focus on sport-specific movement and training. For non-athletes, cognitive training will focus information processing under loads (i.e., maintaining performance even while distracted or tasks are more complex), as well as cooperative and competitive team cognition drills that foster the development of teamwork and communication skills as they apply to many professional domains.

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