Progressive Basketball Membership


Grades 1st - 12th


Year Round


Monday & Wednesday
Grades 1-4: 4-5pm
Grades 5-12: 5-6pm
Grades 9-12: 6-7pm

Tuesday & Thursday
Grades 1-4: 4-5pm
Grades 5-12: 5-6pm

Athletes will be placed by grade level then evaluated by skill. Please note, athletes may be moved up or down grade levels/courts at the Director’s discretion to ensure the best experience during the developmental process.


$199 per month
* $50 Start up


Call (844) 518-7246

This Year-Around Membership is designed to focus on progressive Basketball Skill Development, while still introducing and refining team tactics and strategies in various game-based competitions. Each session will focus on individual skill development, including ball handling, finishing around the rim and shooting.  This is a fun way for all levels to learn and develop while preparing for school and club teams. Classes will be 2 days a week for 1 hour,  plus 1 optional Youth Sports Performance class for kids ages 14 and under. Youth Sports Performance classes are weekly Monday through Friday. Each athlete must be pre-registered to attend.

Call (844) 518-7246 to Register