Board of Directors

Deb Richard

Co-Founder, President, Executive Director

As President of the Sports Academy Foundation, Deb brings a wealth of foundation and professional experience to the board of directors. Deb was the Founder and President of the Deb Richard Foundation, which awarded $25,000 scholarships to physically challenged youth to attend college; the program is now fully endowed at the University of Florida. Deb is the Founder, Chairman, and President of the Soaring with Eagles Foundation, a leadership development program that focuses on self-discovery of core values, strengths, and purposeful passion for selected students at Kansas State University Staley School of Leadership Studies. Prior to Deb’s philanthropic work, Deb was an accomplished professional athlete, competing on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour for twenty years, and amateur athlete, winning the 1984 U.S. Women’s Amateur Golf Championship, 1984 World Cup in Hong Kong, and leading her University of Florida women’s golf team to its first national championship in 1985.

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