School Enrichment Programs

Mamba Sports Academy and Mamba Sports Foundation are partnering to bring you school enrichment programs designed to enhance every athlete both on and off the field.

Kids playing futsal indoor at Sports Academy

By encouraging growth physically, mentally, and emotionally, our athletic developmental programs are designed to develop full-circle athletes.

Our coaches will work with each athlete not only to improve each individual’s sports-specific skills, but include speed, agility, and quickness to give that edge over their competition.

Through repetition and positive reinforcement, Mamba Sports Academy enrichment programs are designed to develop a player’s skills and confidence while also making learning sports, games, activities fun and exciting


Mamba can a bring its talents to your school for fun and dynamic school enrichment sessions. Our coaching staff will bring engaging and dynamic sports, games and activities to your student-athletes in your school yard.

If you are interested in developing a program, please contact or call 844-518-7246


All Sports Camp

Every 2 weeks athletes will interact with a different sport in mini-clinics hosted by our expert coaches. Many sports to participate in, including dodgeball, capture the flag, flag football, soccer and more! Even if you've never played on an organized team before, our talented coaching staff will guide everyone from skill-training to full-game competitions. This is a great opportunity for every kid to try new sports.

Base & Ball

How many different ways can you run the bases, hit, kick, or swing at a ball? We have come up with lots of fast, fun and active ways to merge many of your child’s favorite sports to captivate their attention. Athletes will spend time learning to catch, throw, kick, hit and run, all leading to games designed to use all of these skills in a fun and competitive, point-scoring game to finish off the day.


Catchball is a team sport derived from volleyball in which the ball is caught and thrown rather than hit. The sport was started in Israel, with rules being very similar to volleyball, though by allowing the players to catch the ball before throwing it to another player or over the net, making it easier to learn and exciting to play.


Beginner athletes will learn the fundamentals of the fast and furious sport of Futsal through: passing, receiving, running, shooting, dribbling, and goalkeeping.

Grass/Indoor Volleyball

New athletes to the game will learn sound fundamentals: serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and floor defensive.


Kickball is a team game that resembles baseball that is played with an inflated ball which is kicked instead of being hit with a bat. Players will be split onto teams, rules will be adjust to fit the level of the teams and players will be challenged with different versions on the game each competition.

Financial Assistance

*Mamba Sports Foundation offers financial assistance to deserving families of student-athletes who wish to participate in School Enrichment programming offered by Mamba Sports Academy.

For more information and to apply please contact


Current Enrichment Program Offerings

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