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Performance Nutrition

Our in-house Sports Dietitian works with active individuals and athletes of all ages to deliver evidence-based, customized nutrition recommendations and programming designed to achieve performance, energy, body composition, and health goals.

Performance Nutrition is for…


Athletes will learn effective fueling strategies to optimize performance, enhance recovery, and improve lifelong health.

  • Help athletes to develop a sustainable progression of change that fits within their busy schedule
  • Utilize the Bod Pod to analyze body composition and track progress towards goals
  • Evaluate dietary intake, timing, and overall nutrition knowledge
  • Develop meal and hydration plans for pre and post-training, competition, travel, and recovery
  • Review and recommend dietary supplements and educate on safe and effective use
  • Troubleshoot performance impacting concerns such as fatigue, hydration, gastrointestinal discomfort, and recurrent injuries
Active Individuals

Through individualized nutrition counseling, active individuals can achieve short and long-term health and wellness goals designed to fit their lifestyle.

  • Improve energy, performance, and decrease disease risk by establishing healthy eating habits and meal patterns
  • Develop personalized meal and supplementation plans to match training and health goals
  • Answer questions related to nutrition, supplementation, weight management, and fad diets
  • Address body weight issues, disordered eating, and improve overall relationship with food

Performance Nutrition Offerings

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Which Memberships Include Performance Nutrition?

Adult Memberships

Performance Nutrition is available as an add-on to Mamba Adult Memberships.

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At Sports Academy, we pride ourselves on collaborative care and integration between specialties. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary approach utilizes sports science to efficiently diagnose and rehabilitate our patients.

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