Complimentary Nutrition Seminar

Nutrition for Active People

Should you change the way you eat because your activity changed?

Do you have to eat like an athlete and supplement in order to perform your best?

Learn how to eat to get the most out of your training and to improve your body composition.

When: January 31st | 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: Mamba Sports Academy

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General services:
  • Individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes, on-site and during travel.
  • Translating the latest scientific evidence into practical sports nutrition recommendations.
  • Tracking and documenting outcomes of nutrition services, serving as a food and nutrition resource for coaches, trainers, and parents.
  • Providing sports nutrition education for health/wellness programs, athletic teams, and community groups.
In detail:
  • Assessing and analyzing dietary practices, body composition, and energy balance (intake and expenditure) of athletes in the context of athletic performance and health.
  • Counseling athletes on optimal nutrition for exercise training (match nutrition to training phases and goals), competition, recovery from exercise, weight management, hydration, immunity, disordered eating, travel, and supplementation.
  • Counseling athletes on achieving and maintaining a level of body mass, body fat, and muscle mass that is consistent with good health and good performance.
  • Providing personalized meal and snack plans to promote achieving short- and long-term goals for athletic performance and good health.
  • Addressing nutritional challenges to performance, such as food allergies, bone mineral disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, iron depletion, and iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Providing medical nutrition therapy, as needed, to help manage or treat medical conditions.
  • Counseling athletes on optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury.
  • Coordinating nutritional care as a member of multidisciplinary sports medical/sports science teams.
  • Providing liaison with in- and out-patient programs for conditions such as disordered eating.
  • Evaluating nutritional supplements, including herbal supplements, for legality, safety, quality, and efficacy; monitoring the use of appropriate supplementation.
  • Education in food selection (grocery store tours, food storage) and food preparation (cooking instructions).
  • Developing and delivering nutrition education presentations, demonstrations, or events on various topics related to nutrition for performance.
  • Menu Planning for individual and team travel.
  • Recommending appropriate pre-, during, and post-exercise fluids and snacks for individual training, team practice, and competition.
  • Nutrition resource for coaches, teachers, trainers, food service personnel, and parents.
Julia Budniak Sports Nutritionist
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