Providing assistance to help our athletes achieve maximum growth

Whether your goal is to start on the Varsity squad, receive a college scholarship, train for the Indianapolis Combine, or a pro looking to get better in the off-season, Sports Academy has the programs to meet your needs. It is Sports Academy’s goal to develop a full-circle athlete and offer complete support in helping achieve maximum results.

The football strategy at Sports Academy consists of:

  • High-quality instruction from professionals with the experience to meet the needs of all athletes
  • Position-specific coaching
  • Film study/whiteboard sessions
  • Coaching clinics, and workshops
  • Elite coaching staff comprised of former NFL and collegiate players
  • Turf sessions are available for teams, groups, and individuals customized to address each athlete’s specific needs
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology to constantly track and measure the progress of each athlete
  • XOS Digital Technology, the same film system used by the NFL and top college teams nationwide

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