Youth Programs

"Sport teaches discipline, boundaries, teamwork, a lot of humility and the chance to gain new friendships.  Youth Programs encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, to persevere, reach your goals and how to open your mind to things you didn’t think you could do. Genetics made me 5'5", sport made me 6'3"."

-Erikka Gulbranson


  • For children ages 2 to 5 years old; designed to build a foundation of confidence
  • Experience greater independence while incorporating individual self-esteem and empowerment building opportunities
  • Daily classes scheduled in 1hr and 3hr blocks; incorporating a 1:4 instructor to child ratio


  • All Sports Camp for kids grades 1st – 5th
  • Saturday Night: Kids Night Out Special Events & Sports Activities
  • Kid-size sports equipment & softer balls for introductory work
  • Mini-Courts used in Soccer, Futsal, Sand Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, & Tennis
Sports Academy Youth Programs are dedicated to developing the potential of boys and girls both on and off the field. We incorporate physical activity with emotional, social, and mental growth in order to enhance every athlete’s skill set. We want our youth to experience a vast array of athletics that will help them grow into full circle athletes.

Active Kids

Active Kids fully engages boys and girls ages 2-5 in fun, interactive athletics, art, and many other age-appropriate activities to encourage physical, mental, and emotional growth.  Our mission is to build a foundation of confidence in young children to recognize their unique strengths, embrace their individual challenges, and own every opportunity.  Based on the key physical, emotional, cognitive, and social developmental milestones, our play and experiential learning are the building blocks to happy and healthy children.

All Sports Camp

Come experience the excitement of our All Sports Camp where boys and girls in 1st-5th grade can participate in all the fun sports we have to offer. Even if you've never played on an organized team before, our talented coaching staff will guide everyone from skill-training to full-game competitions. This is a great opportunity for every kid to try new sports and make new friends.

Youth Special Events

From Field Days to Birthday Parties, Sports Academy Youth Programs has a vast array of special event offers here on campus.  Come enjoy an exciting and active day where you can play a new sport, have a nerf battle, and celebrate all in the same location.

After School Enrichment

Sports Academy Youth Programs can also take its talents to your school for fun and dynamic after-school enrichment sessions. Our gifted coaching staff will bring all the sports we offer and give you the Sports Academy experience in your own backyard.