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Justin Reading, TSAC-F

Sports Performance Manager

Justin Reading, TSAC-F

Justin Reading’s duty at Sports Academy is to guide people he comes in contact with while helping achieve their full potential in life. Whether the goal is Increasing Strength, Speed, Size, Fitness Level, or just simply decreasing pain and improving function, He enjoys helping them conquer their goals. He is constantly learning from members/athletes and co-workers and strives to always better himself as a person and coach. His certifications include NASM CPT/CES, IYCA HSS&CC, NSPA CSAC/CWPC, SFMA 1, NREMT

Justin Reading Is 27 years old, Born and Raised in Moorpark, California, He is married to his wonderful wife Adena and has two young children, Carson and Haylie. His hobbies include playing sports with his kids, and going fishing. Justin’s passion is training and He enjoys anything related to Strength & Speed. He has recently achieved his National Registry Emergency Medical Technique License. With this license, he can’t wait to further help people, not only with their fitness goals, but in emergency situations as well.

Justin loves working at Sports Academy because it allows him to help individuals on a daily basis. He truly values everyone who walks through the door and cant wait to embrace the true Sports Academy Pro Mentality and get 1% better each and everyday.

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