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Careers @ Sports Academy

Working at Sports Academy is unlike anything else. That’s because we’re always finding new ways to help athletes, of all ages and all abilities – however they want to get better. When you have the latest technology, game-changing ideas and world-class talent on your team, every day is extraordinary. Join the talented team that develops and delivers unparalleled results. Share your expertise, skill, and commitment to excellence with us, and be a part of Sports Academy’s team.

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Job Title: Integrated Sports Medicine Intern

This program is considered an integral part of the Sports Academy Integrated Sports Medicine center and provides students with an opportunity to develop a core of knowledge and related skills to prepare them for professional work in the field. The knowledge acquired is complemented by the requirements that interns meet specific prerequisite University courses. The internship provides an opportunity to transfer and apply the knowledge acquired in the University setting to the practical application in a medical office. We believe this is the best way to learn how to serve as a health professional. Under the guidance and supervision of experienced professionals, the intern will practice skills, apply knowledge, and test theories and concepts.

The internship thus allows for exponential professional growth, assisting in the identification of personal strengths and weaknesses, applying learned theory to practical situation, and the appreciation of the role, duties, and responsibilities of the work that has been chosen as a career.

The internship was designed cooperatively by the medical professionals, and Sports Academy leadership to provide an experience that is mutually beneficial to both the intern, Integrated Sports Medicine and Sports Academy.

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Job Title: Sports Performance Internship Program

Individuals who join our team will gain knowledge and experience working in a highly skilled strength and conditioning and group training environment. Each week you will shadow, observe, and participate in the development of services we offer to our “Full Circle Fit” and athlete clientele ranging from youth to adult, collegiate, elite, and professional.

Our coaches and teams utilize a comprehensive Performance training system centered around our “SA-Way” performance protocols. We offer a unique approach to human performance training that incorporates state of the art integrated sports medicine along with nutritional counseling, mindset development, biomechanics assessments, a full array of recovery modalities and much more under the roof of one incredible Facility (Nearly 100,000 sq. ft.).

Interns will participate in lectures, presentations, and several learning and growth opportunities that are available to our staff. We hope that each intern will walk away with an in-depth understanding why it is that Sports Academy stands out in the world of athletic and human performance development.

“Spring” – From Jan. 07, 2019 to Apr. 26, 2019
“Summer” – From May 06, 2019 to Aug. 23, 2019
“Fall” – From Sept. 2, 2019 to Dec. 27, 2019

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