The Studio at Sports Academy

The Studio at Sports Academy applies principles of functional movement to every class. Classes are designed to help safely increase mobility, balance, and isometric strength. As a practitioner you will learn how to move through each pose in a way that best suits your needs.

What does The Studio at Sports Academy Include?

Power Flow 50

A yoga flow based on the principles of dynamic stretching. This method uses gentle and controlled movements of multiple muscle groups to gradually increase your range of motion with each successive repetition.

Hot Yoga Flow 50

A yoga class based on the classic hot yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This class incorporates minimal flow and gives you more time in each pose. Helps increase balance, proprioception, and joint range of motion. Creates a balances muscle load which helps with injury prevention.

Yoga Sculpt 50

Yoga Sculpt classes utilize weights to create a more aerobic experience combining the mindful benefits of a yoga practice with the cardio and strength benefits of a HIIT workout. Students will flow with breath to the beat of fun music as both weighted and unweighted exercises are added in. Accessible to all levels with ample warm-up and recovery time.

Kickboxing 40

A short mobility-based warm-up class focused on MMA fighting techniques. Come cross-train and learn more about your breath and concentration within your movement!

Spin 40

A short, cardio-focused spin class designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving. Taught to uplifting music, this class will make you sweat.

Who You'll Work With

Monica Wurst Lead Yoga Instructor - Thousand Oaks

Monica’s personal mission is to teach mental and physical training tools to students seeking to reduce distractions, increase focus, and add mindfulness, recovery, and relaxation to their routines.

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