The Sports Academy Foundationfocuses on creating a positive impact through sport

Our Mission The Sports Academy Foundation, a non‐profit organization, is dedicated to providing educational, competitive, and developmental programming that enhances lives in diverse communities. We bring programming to life through local collaborations which also include the redevelopment and/or development of multi-use facilities.
Our Values We believe in the excellence and the potential of every individual. We value sharing our knowledge, resources, and innovative programs to enhance the development of youth.
Our Purpose The Sports Academy Foundation is a non‐profit Public Charity dedicated to expanding the scope of access to foundational character development through education by leveraging the sporting context. We develop facilities and programs complimentary to our mission that provides exceptional benefits to groups and individuals.

Foundation Community Events

F1RST Spring Swing Golf Tournament

The Sports Academy Foundation and FIRST partnered together to host their Inaugural Spring Swing Golf Tournament, this past April. All proceeds from the tournament were utilized to fund therapy sessions for first responders and their families, as well as provide scholarships for training programs.

Team Red, White, & Blue

Sports Academy Foundation has partnered with Team Red White and Blue for the past three years to help fulfill the national veterans organization’s mission – to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Kahlil McKenzie Youth Football Camp

The Sports Academy Foundation partnered with NFL Offensive Guard, Kahlil McKenzie to host the Kahlil Mckenzie Youth Football Camp. This camp hosts hundreds of youth athletes and gives them the opportunity to participate in various football and speed drills led by current and former professional football players.

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Meet the Board

Steve Miller Chairman of Sports Academy Foundation -

Steve is the Chief Executive Officer of Agassi Graf Holdings. He is responsible for the leadership and operation of three for-profit entities (Agassi Graf Holdings, Agassi Ventures LLC, and Stefanie Graf Ventures LLC) plus one non-profit foundation (Andre Agassi Foundation for Education). He is a visionary; a passionate and progressive leader with the broad institutional experience and the intellect necessary to motivate and lead a diverse team of professionals in both the for profit and not for profit business sectors.

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Angela Stanislawski Executive Director of Sports Academy Foundation -

Angela is the Executive Director of Sports Academy Foundation. She is responsible for the programming, fundraising, and operations of the Foundation, as well as the coordination of strategies and partnerships.  Stanislawski also leads the Foundation’s national, regional, and community engagement efforts.

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Chad Faulkner Co-Founder and Director of Sports Academy Foundation -

As Founder and CEO of Sports Academy, Chad is continuing to express his passion for philanthropy with the development of the Sports Academy Foundation. Philanthropically, Chad serves as Vice President and Director for the Special Forces Charitable Trust, whose primary mission is to provide meaningful financial support, programs, and services to the U.S. Army Special Forces; Co-Founder of the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows Program, whose mission is to develop young leaders through the transformational process developed and utilized by Coach Bill Snyder at Kansas State University.

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Jon Spotts Co-Founder and Director of Sports Academy Foundation -

Jon is an experienced operating executive with deep knowledge in sports management (training, coaching, facilities, tech, philanthropy), international retailing, wholesaling, software development, and business/strategy consulting.  He is the President of Sports Academy. Jon was previously President of Mamba Sports Academy and Club Director and Coach for Mamba Basketball Club.

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Francisco Aguilar Director of Sports Academy Foundation -

Francisco “Cisco” Aguilar was elected as Nevada Secretary of State in 2022 and assumed office on January 2, 2023. Prior to being elected, Secretary Aguilar served twelve years as General Counsel for Agassi Graf, the management company for Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf, and the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education.

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Alana Beard Board Member -

Alana Beard is a former WNBA player, philanthropist, and rising professional in the venture capital investment space. Alana won Championships at every level from high school to the WNBA and internationally, then focused her vision on being one of the first Black female athletes to succeed as an investor, start-up founder, and advocate for women leaders in the innovation and technology ecosystem.

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Brandon "Stix" Bailey Board Member -

Brandon “Stix” Salaam-Bailey (born July 13, 1983) is an-American rapper, record producer, songwriter, activist, and entrepreneur. Salaam-Bailey was born and raised in Watts, Ca, having started off as a full-time dancer in 2002, creating one of the most popular dance movements in the world called “KRUMP.” The new dance craze eventually went mainstream after it hit the big screens in a docu-film titled “Rize”.

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