Join us for complimentary Kids Camp for those affected by the fires and Recovery Suite access for first responders.
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Make a donation to the Sports Academy Foundation to help those affected by the fires.
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Sports Academy Foundation

Sports Academy Foundation Mission

Sports Academy Foundation Empowers Human Potential through Personal Development of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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We believe in the potential of every individual to maximize their mind, body, and spirit. To us, that’s winning in life. We want to spread this ideology by sharing our knowledge and innovative programs with our community, welcoming everyone to our world-class campus, and providing programs that will enhance the development of people who aspire to live fully.


Sports Academy, a for-profit human development campus, has assembled an exceptional team of coaches, trainers, and practitioners whose individual programs deliver Full Circle development with state-of-the-art technology that enriches the mind, body, and spirit. Sa Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit extension dedicated to expanding the scope of access to individuals and groups who otherwise could not benefit from a relationship with the Sports Academy family. We are committed to funding access to programs that complement our mission and provide exceptional benefits to both groups and individuals alike.


We are passionately committed to a shared vision to participate in meaningful social impact, empowering individuals to reach a higher potential.  Whether a funding or non-profit funder, our collective missions and values align. They are long-term collaborations that elevate the potential of every life. We invest our resources into developing mutually beneficial outcomes towards the fulfillment of dreams.

SA Foundation is guided by our goals to develop critically thinking empowered individuals. Our experiential learning platform continually places choices at the forefront of human development. Owning the individuality of decision-making is the core building block of confidence.  We validate the programs we run to continuously perfect our experiential learning processes.


Join SA Foundation today to empower human potential through sport. Your investment provides the opportunity for deserving individuals to discover a broader range of choices to win in life. DONATE TODAY.