Sports Academy Prep



What is Sports Academy Prep?

Sports Academy Prep is a groundbreaking collaboration between US Performance Academy (USPA) and Sports Academy. This innovative program offers high-level athletes a unique blend of NCAA-approved online education from USPA and Sports Academy’s full-circle athlete development. Athletes can excel academically while pursuing their athletic goals, benefiting from a flexible curriculum that fits their rigorous schedules. Sports Academy Prep provides unparalleled access to top-tier sports training alongside a high-quality education, fostering holistic development for success both in sports and academics.


Excellence in Athletics & Academics For Grades 6-8

– Tailored to each individual while enjoying the benefits or participating in a group environment

– Train and learn in our world-class Thousand Oaks facility

– Supporting all sports from football to golf

– NCAA-approved educational program delivered by US Performance Academy (USPA)

– Committed, ambitious athletes of all skill levels are welcome (boys & girls)

– Expert coaches and teachers

Here's Why Parents are Choosing Sports Academy Prep:


What is USPA?

US Performance Academy is a fully accredited, NCAA-approved private, online school that offers programming for student-athletes in grades 6 through 12. Our team recognizes the needs and challenges of traditional schooling for competitive athletes. USPA offers the opportunity for student-athletes to focus on their future goals and aspirations while still earning a top-rated education.

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