Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are movement specialists focused on returning our patients to optimal performance through individualized exercise prescription, hands-on care, and patient education.


Our Physical Therapists Are Different.

They care for patients of all ages and abilities and are genuinely committed to helping their patients. Their extensive education allows them to treat a multitude of conditions and to identify and correct faulty movement patterns to prevent future injury. Our physical therapists work side-by-side with their patients to help them achieve their goals. Using the court, turf, sand, or weight room they are able to guide our patients to return to play at 100%.

Our Physical Therapy Services Include…

BFR (Blood Flow Restriction)

During BFR training, a patient exercises with a cuff around their weak arm or leg. The cuff partially restricts blood flow, creating a metabolic environment that stimulates muscle hypertrophy. This can be especially useful for patients post-surgery to address muscle atrophy and for those who cannot tolerate the mechanical stress of heavily-loaded exercises due to pain.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy may consist of joint mobilizations, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization/Graston Technique®, and neural mobilizations to decrease pain and improve range of motion, incision mobility, and circulation.

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Anti-gravity treadmill that can take up to 80% of your body weight away. Modifying weight bearing to assist with proper gait mechanics and regain confidence in exercise progression.

Exercise Prescription

Once evaluated by your physical therapist, you will receive a custom home exercise program specifically tailored to your needs. This program will be updated by your physical therapist as you progress throughout your rehabilitation. If you should choose to transition to personal training after you have successfully completed your rehabilitation, our clinicians will discuss your specific needs with your personal trainer.

Functional Screenings / Return-To-Play

Return to sport or a physically challenging occupation will not be left up to chance. We employ numerous functional tests and research-based return-to-play criteria to determine when our recreational, professional, and tactical athletes are ready to return to their sport or job duties.

Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization

Stimulates connective tissue remodeling through resorption of excessive fibrosis, and induces repair and regeneration of collagen secondary to fibroblast recruitment. This will lead to the breakdown, or release of scar tissue, fascial restrictions and adhesions.

Who You'll Work With

Sawyer Stapp, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy - Thousand Oaks

Sawyer is a staff licensed Physical Therapist at Sports Academy, working with the integrated sports medicine team. He works with a variety of orthopedics conditions here at Sports Academy. He recently joined the team after spending time as a student and licensed applicant at Sports Academy.
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Kirsten Bishop, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy - Thousand Oaks

Kirsten is a Staff Physical Therapist at Sports Academy. She is a member of the Integrated Sports Medicine Department and treats a variety of orthopedic patients. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences where she obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Since graduating, she strives to apply clinical concepts from her previous internships; which include pediatrics, neuromuscular, and orthopedic patient populations.

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Nick Larkin, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy - Thousand Oaks

Nick is a Physical Therapist at Sports Academy and holds an APTA Board Certification in Orthopedics. He graduated from University of New Mexico with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. In his spare time, he enjoys surfing and spending time at the beach with his family.

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Justin Brouhard PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS Senior Doctor of Physical Therapy
Center Coordinator of Clinical Education
- Thousand Oaks

Justin is a Senior Physical Therapist at Sports Academy who specializes in treatment of orthopedic disorders. He graduated with honors from the University of Southern California’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program and is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Justin is a local of Ventura County and spends his past time outdoors, or with his wife and daughter.

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Am I Covered?

We accept most major PPO insurance plans

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please review your coverage by asking the following questions:

– What is my health insurance coverage and benefits?
– What is my deductible and has it been met?
– Do I have a co-pay? If so, how much is it?
– What is my DME (durable medical equipment) coverage?

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to monitor your benefits and know your coverage plan

Cash-Based Service

If insurance is not an option for you, we do have cash-based pricing for medical services. Please call us to inquire.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 24 hour cancellation period prior to your scheduled appointment. Please call us to cancel and/or reschedule. Failure to do so will be a cancellation fee of $50.

Sports Medicine & Recovery

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At Sports Academy, we pride ourselves on collaborative care and integration between specialties. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary approach utilizes sports science to efficiently diagnose and rehabilitate our patients.

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