Sports Chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic specializes in the care of musculoskeletal injuries and injury prevention. Through a process involving soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and rehabilitation, our Chiropractors provide support for any type of patient to recover from injury and perform at their best.

Our Sports Chiropractic Services Include…

Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization

Stimulates connective tissue remodeling through resorption of excessive fibrosis, and induces repair and regeneration of collagen secondary to fibroblast recruitment. This will lead to the breakdown, or release of scar tissue, fascial restrictions and adhesions.

Mobilizations & Chiropractic Adjustments

Used to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile – or restricted in their movement – as a result of a tissue injury. It helps resolve joint inflammation and reduces pain

Rehabilitation Exercise

A customized program that includes: mobility, stability, activation, coordination, and strength.

Kinesiotaping and Support Taping

Provides afferent mechanoreceptor stimulus to the brain, and the brain will perceive stability. Helps decrease pain, improve circulation, and to facilitate muscle function.

Muscle Release Technique

Incorporating a shorten to lengthen fashion of a specific muscle/tendon/ligament with either a proximal or distal tensioning.

BFR (Blood Flow Restriction)

During BFR training, a patient exercises with a cuff around their weak arm or leg. The cuff partially restricts blood flow, creating a metabolic environment that stimulates muscle hypertrophy. This can be especially useful for patients post-surgery to address muscle atrophy and for those who cannot tolerate the mechanical stress of heavily-loaded exercises due to pain.

Therapeutic Cupping

Decompression approach is one of its kind that works in lifting of adhesions with movement instead of compressing the tissues.

Who You'll Work With

Dr. Beau Daniels, DC Co-Founder, Director of Integrated Sports Medicine & Human Performance
- Thousand Oaks

Beau brings with him over 10 years of hands-on experience in Sports Medicine. Beau is a co-owner of Body Dynamix Chiropractic & Performance that will be partnering with Sports Academy by providing all of our medical services in-house.

More about Dr. Beau
Dr. Eddie Stanislawski DC, CSCS, DACBSP Chiropractor - Thousand Oaks

Through Dr. Eddie’s advanced Sports Medicine training, he has been named as an official medical provider for the US National Field Hockey Team, the US National Archery Team, and the US National Beach Volleyball Teams. Dr. Eddie travels internationally to tournaments to provide medical support for our nation’s most elite athletes.

More about Dr. Eddie

Am I Covered?

We accept most major PPO insurance plans

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please review your coverage by asking the following questions:

– What is my health insurance coverage and benefits?
– What is my deductible and has it been met?
– Do I have a co-pay? If so, how much is it?
– What is my DME (durable medical equipment) coverage?

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to monitor your benefits and know your coverage plan

Cash-Based Service

If insurance is not an option for you, we do have cash-based pricing for medical services. Please call us to inquire.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 24 hour cancellation period prior to your scheduled appointment. Please call us to cancel and/or reschedule. Failure to do so will be a cancellation fee of $50.

Sports Medicine & Recovery

A Diverse, Multi-Disciplinary Approach

At Sports Academy, we pride ourselves on collaborative care and integration between specialties. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary approach utilizes sports science to efficiently diagnose and rehabilitate our patients.

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