Your team’s health is vital to your success

Studies have shown that employee participation in Corporate Wellness Programs can be very valuable. Increasing employee engagement investment by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year through increased productivity, less stress and higher employee morale. Enter Sports Academy. Sports Academy provides certified trainers, wellness experts, and a medical team - all in one location. #justsaying

Men and women playing indoor beach volleyball
Interior shot of Sports Academy basketball courts and turf

Open House

Join us on June 14th from 6pm-8pm to learn more about Sports Academy's Corporate Service offerings.

The evening will include a facility tour, Q&A, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and a fun atmosphere.

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Events and Retreats

Monthly meeting, quarterly retreat, annual party, we do it all. A perfect combination of work, team building, and relaxation is possible. From a 4-hour mid-day retreat, to multi-day retreats, we have options. Let us curate a custom experience for your team.

Executive Membership

Only at Sports Academy can the time-constrained Executive obtain a concierge experience of top-level services to optimize their performance. Body composition analysis, nutrition consulting, routine medical check-ups, personal training, mindset development, chiropractic, and massage services can be packaged to create your perfect membership.

Corporate Olympics

Create your very own sporting experience for your team, group, or company. You choose the  sports and gameplay preferences, and Sports Academy provides the setting and resources. Add to the experience options like yoga, massage, or social happy hour, and this will surely be the ”team day” your employees will brag about.

C-Suite Leadership Experiences

Executives, like the pros, have to be on their A-game - alert, engaged, and ready to make critical decisions. Our Executive packages bring together physical and mental agility training, stress inoculation, and featuring our Close Quarters Defense (CQD) and Mindset Development training programs.

Corporate Services Team

Steele Frey

Manager, Business Development

Passion Statement
I have a passion for understanding a company’s culture and the intangible factors that drive a workforce. I enjoy the process of identifying a company’s internal needs, to find a customized solution by incorporating employee wellness, team building, and leadership development. Our primary goal is to provide an experience that has a positive effect on each individual’s personal and professional lives.

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