Biomechanics Lab

Sports Academy houses a state-of-the-art Biomechanics Lab for all athletic populations to provide each individual the cutting edge technology to enhance their performance and decrease risk of injury.

Who You'll Work With

James Shapiro Performance Coach - Thousand Oaks

James is one of our Performance Coaches here at Sports Academy. He works closely to integrate a multi-dimensional approach with clients of all athletic backgrounds and goals.

James graduated from Queens College in 2014 with a Bachelors in Sociology and Media Studies. His pursuit for knowledge led him to further graduate from California University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a Masters in Wellness & Fitness. Recently as of 2021, James has completed his second Masters degree in Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University with a concentration of Strength & Conditioning. He is also a LV II Strength Coach through the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association that requires submissions of research, graduate-level education, and practical application for accreditation. James’ certifications include NASM CES and PES.

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Ryan McHenry Hybrid Sports Performance Coach and Basketball Trainer - Thousand Oaks

Ryan is a hybrid sports performance coach and basketball trainer here at Sports Academy. He graduated from the University of La Verne where he played basketball. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in exercise science with an emphasis in strength and conditioning from the Concordia University-Chicago. Ryan has a passion for sports and is committed to developing athlete’s growth mindsets and helping them on their path to excellence.

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Justin Reading, TSAC-F Sports Performance Manager - Thousand Oaks

Justin Reading’s duty at Sports Academy is to guide people he comes in contact with while helping achieve their full potential in life. Whether the goal is Increasing Strength, Speed, Size, Fitness Level, or just simply decreasing pain and improving function, He enjoys helping them conquer their goals. He is constantly learning from members/athletes and co-workers and strives to always better himself as a person and coach. His certifications include NASM CPT/CES, IYCA HSS&CC, NSPA CSAC/CWPC, SFMA 1, and NREMT.

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Taylor Ramsey MS, CSCS, XPS, SFMA, TP Director of Sports Performance Internships - Thousand Oaks

Taylor is an expert in the field of human performance development. As a former D1 Football player, he dedicated his early career to delivering an actionable approach for the development and mastery of fundamental movement skills to athletes from grassroots through every level of sport. Taylor is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a master’s graduate of biomechanics and focuses on keeping athletes healthy and strong so they can compete and continue to chase their dreams.

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Christine Yangson Performance Coach - Thousand Oaks

Christine Yangson is a Performance Coach as well an assistant coach for the Girls VB 15-1s team. As one of the few female sports performance coaches at Sports Academy’s, Christine dedicates an extensive amount of time and personal research into performance training, mobility, plyometrics, and nutrition and teaches several Sports Academy classes including Jump Training. Christine’s love for the game has driven her passion for coaching volleyball since 2006 holding roles as both head and an assistant at the club and High School levels.

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Zachary Boss Performance Coach - Thousand Oaks

Zach is a Performance Coach here at Sports Academy and is a jack of all trades for us. He is an ex-collegiate athlete with a clinical background in rehabilitation which he uses to help all our clients reach their full potential.

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Phil Muscarella Director of Soccer and Sports Performance Coach - Thousand Oaks

Phil graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology and minor in sociology from the prestigious Santa Clara University. He was name captain of the men’s D1 soccer program his Junior and Senior year. Upon graduating a quarter early, Phil was able to gain a personal training certificate through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and received a coaching ‘E’ license through FIFA.

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Is it Included?

Youth Multi-Sport

Biomechanics Lab is included as part of the Baseline Diagnostic Assessment

Full Circle Athlete

Biomechanics Lab is included as part of the Enhanced Diagnostic Assessment


Biomechanics Lab is included as part of the Enhanced Diagnostic Assessment

Sports Medicine & Recovery

A Diverse, Multi-Disciplinary Approach

At Sports Academy, we pride ourselves on collaborative care and integration between specialties. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary approach utilizes sports science to efficiently diagnose and rehabilitate our patients.

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