Sports Academy Memberships offer something for every athlete. Adults, Multi-Sport and Single-Sport Athletes looking to achieve athletic greatness.

Sports Academy Memberships

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All- Inclusive

$199 / month *

Includes access to Adult Fitness Classes, Studio Classes, Recovery Suite and Quarterly Body Composition Testing.

Recovery Includes:

  • Access to all Élevé Recovery modalities
  • NormaTec
  • Ice Bath
  • Compex E-Stim

Quarterly Diagnostics Include:

  • Bodpod
  • Force Plate
  • SFMA
  • Performance Eval
  • Goal Setting


  • SA Thousand Oaks


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First Responder


*Start-up fee may apply

This class is designed for Tactical athletes looking to improve strength, power, flexibility & cardiovascular fitness while reducing the chance of injury.

This program will prepare the tactical athlete for real-world job-specific tasks & push tactical athletes to become physically and mentally stronger.

Membership Includes: 

  • First Responder Classes
  • Quarterly Diagnostics
  • Recovery Suite Access

This Membership is Intended for (but Not Limited to):

  • EMS
  • Fire Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Personnel
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Additional Memberships


$199/month Youth Membership *

This year-round Membership is designed to focus on progressive skill development, while still introducing and refining team tactics and strategies in various game-based competitions.

This is a fun way for all levels to learn and develop while preparing for school and club teams.

Youth Sports Performance classes are weekly Monday through Friday. Each athlete must be pre-registered to attend.



  • Youth Sports Skills Clinics (2x Week)
  • Youth Sports Performance Classes (1x Week)
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$159 / month *
Elite Sports Performance Training

Membership Classes focus on Speed and Agility, Explosive Power, and Strength Building. High School and College Athletes of all sports are given the opportunity to maintain or improve athletic performance both in or out of season.


  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey

Recovery Includes:

  • NormaTec
  • Ice Bath
  • Compex E-Stim


  • SA Thousand Oaks

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* Start-up Fee may apply

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