Sports Academy Heads Outdoors

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Basketball Academys

Youth Basketball Academy

Youth Basketball Academy is a great way to prepare for school teams or club basketball the following season.

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Basketball Camps

Weekend Basketball Camps

The goal of our weekend camps is to provide each athlete with a positive, fun-filled learning experience while giving personal attention to help each young athlete improve their basketball skills and fundamentals.

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Basketball Leagues

Adult Basketball League – Winter Season
Playoff Schedule:  TBD due to COVID-19

Check back for more information about Sports Academy Adult Basketball Leagues.

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Basketball Tournaments

Summer Shootout
Dates: TBD due to COVID-19

The Summer Shootout will feature talented youth and high school girls basketball programs. The Summer Shootout offers High School level athletes to be evaluated by Dll, Dlll, and NAIA Coaches.

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National Showcase
Dates: TBD due to COVID-19

2019 NCAA Certified

The National Showcase kicks off the summer season with elite basketball competition. College level prospects from all around the country will converge in SoCal and battle it out at the National Showcase.

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Las Vegas Super Showcase
Dates: TBD due to COVID-19

Girls: 2019 NCAA Certified

The state of Nevada will play host to the Las Vegas Super Showcase. The Las Vegas Super Showcase will feature top programs from across the country to showcase their talents.

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Grand Finale
Dates: TBD due to COVID-19

2019 NCAA Certified

Top west coast programs will compete at this 2020 Viewing Event. Grand Finale will provide an intimate recruiting experience, with 5 courts all under one roof.

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Basketball Training

Personal Training, Semi-Private, & Small Group Training

Sports Academy Sports Training sessions are for boys and girls, 5 years and older and are designed to assist in building a solid foundation of guard skills. We incorporate a variety of drills designed to improve ball-handling, shooting, passing, defense, decision-making and more.

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Football Camps

Nico Trenches: “Trench Approved Camp Series”

Showcase for High School OL & DL

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Nico Trenches | Youth Football Camp

Register for the Nico Trenches Youth Football Camp

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Sports Academy + Elite Athletic Academy
Starting July 1, 2020

Elite is excited to offer a year-round track that allows students to learn throughout the entire calendar year, avoiding the summer slide of traditional programs while also providing additional opportunities to pursue interests and passions through elective offerings with community partners like Sports Academy.

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Sports Academy + US Performance Academy

Sports Academy is excited to partner with US Performance Academy to offer middle and high school students – particularly those competing at an elite level – a distinct opportunity to balance their education and their deep investment in a team or individual sport.

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Indoor Volleyball Tryouts

Indoor Volleyball Club Tryouts | Boys & Girls

SAVC Indoor Tryouts are starting soon. Register Now!

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Volleyball Academys

Youth Volleyball Academy

Youth Volleyball Academy is a great way to prepare for school teams or club basketball the following season.

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Youth Memberships

Summer Youth Membership

Summer Youth Memberships focus on developing each skill needed to compete across multiple sports. Trainings will be CoEd, divided by skill level when applicable. 2 sessions a week.

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