Progressive Basketball Skills Training


Grades 1st - 12th


Year Round


Beginner: Monday-Thursday | 4pm
Advanced: Monday-Thursday | 5pm
Elite: Call for more info
Athletes will be placed by grade level and then evaluated by skill. Please note, athletes may be moved up or down grade levels/courts at the Director’s discretion to ensure the best experience during the developmental process.


Beginner and Advanced Membership Rates:
$199/month* | includes two basketball sessions/week + one youth performance session/week
$119/month* | one basketball session/week
*Drop-in pricing available*
Elite Membership Rates:
$299/month* | includes: 8 basketball sessions
$499/month* | includes: unlimited basketball sessions + recovery room access
*Drop-in and package rates are available (players must be evaluated and approved to join the Elite program)
*$50 startup fee may apply


Call (844) 518-7246

Membership Levels

Beginner: This level is designed for athletes looking to develop fundamental basketball skills, as well as a basic understanding of the game. Primary Concepts include:

  • Dribbling with Both Hands
  • Ball Control and Playing Posture
  • Core Shooting Principles
  • Footwork and Body Control
  • Passing and Receiving

Advanced: Advanced classes will reinforce core fundamentals while introducing new skills to take their game to the next level. Primary concepts include:

  • Ball Handling in Straight Lines and Changing Directions
  • Finishing Around-the-Rim (wide variety of 1 & 2 foot finishes)
  • Shooting (Form, Mechanics, and Efficiency from all levels)
  • Offensive Footwork (for all areas of the floor)
  • Real Game Application

Elite: The elite membership is designed for players who have high-level club or high school basketball experience under their belt. These athletes aim to build upon the skills taught in the advanced program while being pushed out of their comfort zone to expand their game. Players in these high-intensity sessions are expected to be coachable and intentional with all movements. Elite concepts will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Dribbling with Ball Speed and Precision
  • Separation and Counterattack Moves
  • Shooting Efficiency and Range
  • Situational Defensive Concepts and Competition
  • Establishing Offensive Flow and Identity
  • Cutting and Using Screens on/off the Ball

Call (844) 518-7246 to Register

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