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Sports Academy Volleyball will improve the skill level of all athletes that step on the court. Our goal is to help each athlete capture untapped potential and translate that to their performance on the court.

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Club Volleyball | Boys & Girls

SAVC is devoted to elevating all its athletes to be “Full Circle Athletes” by ensuring each coach and trainer maintains high quality programming throughout the season, following a model developed by National Teams and high-level sports teams.

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Volleyball Membership

Youth Volleyball Membership is a great way to prepare for school teams or club the following season.

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Sports Academy Indoor Volleyball Membership is...

Sport Skills Training

Come to SA to prepare for your next season or competition. Hone your skills and techniques with our experienced coaches.


  • Refinement of Sports Skills
  • Improvement Through Repetition
  • Introduction of New Techniques
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Sports Performance

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Improve your strength and agility with our team of high-level sports performance trainers.


  • Force and Power Production
  • Importance of Recovery
  • Diagnostic Assessment
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Speed Performance

For athletes looking to get faster with focused effort.


  • Agility
  • Linear Speed
  • Sand Speed
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How Sports Academy Membership Works




Optimize your return on training time. Your membership will be designed from over 20 different training methods, classes and formats. It will be prescribed and tailored specially for you by the SA team of experts. It will be optimized to your goals, your body, and the time commitment you can make. You will train towards meaningful milestones. And you will achieve them because we train athletes the SA way – full circle, no excuses, peak performance and results.



Once your personalized program is developed, you will dive deep into your training routine alongside our experts and fellow SA athletes. Our schedule of classes and training environments are designed to give you access to over 20 training formats and methods. Well rounded, variable full circle training is critical for our athletes to stay healthy, feel better, move better and perform at the top of their game.



Keep track of your progress and performance in real time with our dedicated athlete performance coaches and live performance portal. We will track and record your data daily and at all baseline check-ins for you and provide options for mobile training when you are on vacation or away from the facility.



Experience a balanced and varied training program, ideal for your schedule. Guidance from the top functional experts and a commitment to program compliance will guarantee results. Never waste another minute on extra or useless workouts.



Rebuild your body and mind with massage therapy, physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, integrated sports medicine. Our recovery suite services: e-stim, NormaTec compression sleeves, percussion therapy and more.

Who You'll Train With

Halle Perkins Volleyball Coach - Thousand Oaks

Coach Halle Perkins has been a part of our family at Sports Academy for two years now and is one of our head coaches for our Youth Volleyball Membership. While coaching basic volleyball is one goal, she also hopes to encourage kids to find a love for the sport all while teaching the importance of teamwork and ethics.

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Burdean Oliverson Volleyball Coach - Thousand Oaks

Burdean has coached in many youth volleyball sport capacities in the Conejo Valley for over 10 years.  His most recent being head coach for Sequoia Middle School 8th grade girls volleyball, head coach for the Newbury Park High School indoor and beach JV boys and Newbury Park High School girls volleyball.

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Casey Patterson Volleyball Coach - Thousand Oaks

Casey is currently our head coach for the boys indoor 14’s club team here at Sports Academy. In addition, he has partnered with Sports Academy with his sand volleyball program known as the CP Experience. Casey has achieved many accolades throughout his career ranging from AVP Championships to representing USA in the Olympics.

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Jon Souisa Volleyball Coach - Thousand Oaks

Jon Souisa joins the Sports Academy team this year as a boys and girls indoor volleyball coach. Jon comes with over a decades worth of experience coaching teams from the youth to collegiate level and leading those teams to National and State titles.

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Dr. Beau Daniels, DC Co-Founder, Director of Integrated Sports Medicine & Human Performance
Director of Volleyball
- Thousand Oaks

Beau brings with him over 15 years of hands-on experience in Sports Medicine. Beau is a co-owner of Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine that is housed inside Sports Academy, providing all of our medical services in-house.  Currently Beau is a Co-Founder of Sports Academy and Body Dynamix, the Executive Director of Integrated Sports Medicine and Human Performance, and the Director of Volleyball at Sports Academy. In addition to that he is also the Official Chiropractor for the 2022 World Champion Los Angeles Rams. 

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Sarah Wroblicky Executive Assistant to Dr. Beau Daniels, DC
Patient Liaison
SAVC Admin & Volleyball Operations
- Thousand Oaks

Sarah is the Executive Assistant to Dr. Beau Daniels, DC and has worked for him for about 8 years. She played Division 1 Volleyball at Auburn University where she learned the importance of teamwork, dedication, and leadership. She has a multi-faceted skill set that allows her to be plugged into multiple areas of the company. She is excited to be the assistant coach for the boys 15’s team for the 2022-23 club season.

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Aidan Godfrey Volleyball Coach - Thousand Oaks

Aidan works with a wide variety of our volleyball players here at Sports Academy in both indoor and sand. He enjoys teaching all aspects of the game from the basic skills & fundamentals to the mental components and overall team strategy. Aidan is passionate about volleyball and is excited share that passion with others.


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