Sports Academy Volleyball Club will strive to train, support and encourage athletes to reach their highest levels of achievement

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The Sports Academy Volleyball Club trains at Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, Ca. Club athletes are directed by 25-year volleyball veteran, Erikka Gulbranson, former club, college and USA Volleyball National Teams Master Coach. Athletes at Sports Academy facility have access to a variety of training methodologies that make SAVC unique, advanced and able to stand in high regard of volleyball trainers around the world.

With the acquisition of Rise Volleyball Club, Sports Academy will transform into one of the top volleyball institutes and training centers in the world. Following a model developed by National Teams and high-level sports teams, SAVC is in the process of programming and training its staff in high-level techniques and methodologies.

3 girls playing volleyball at Sports Academy

While developing this all-inclusive training model our goals are set high to include:

  • Introducing new athletes to the sport at age appropriate training levels
  • Teaching skill progressions and developing self-confidence for boys and girls
  • Coaches wanting to take their knowledge to the next level

Other goals include:

  • Engaging with athletes mindset development and learning how to work with teammates and coaches
  • Developing high-level volleyball players, who will go on to be elite athletes in college and professional volleyball
  • Properly engaging parents in the sport, the lifestyle and the values Sports Academy can have upon their own lives as well as their family

Sports Academy’s club volleyball philosophy offers a smart approach to training, competition and giving time back to your family’s life. Training schedules include well thought-out models for best practices. Competition schedules take the team’s age level, goals and athletes best interests in mind prior to final scheduling.

Below you will find detailed information including club benefits for member athletes and family members as well as and training schedules.

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Club Information

Included Athletic Services

Sports Academy Beach Volleyball athletes* have access to the following sports-specific services


Athletes Learning Positive & Healthy Attitudes: instilling confidence through mental focus and physical fitness infused with leadership training, to teach young adults how to be comfortable with who they are with the capability to lead and communicate in all settings.
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Mindset Development

Training the mind is like training any other muscle. Mental skills training provide an in-depth understanding of specific tools that athletes learn, practice, and master. These specific skills assist athletes whether they are facing roadblocks or just want to gain an edge over their competition.
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Sports Performance

Sports Performance utilizes cutting edge technology and an elite coaching staff to train athletes of all skill levels.  For volleyball athletes, our sport-specific training methodology is designed to prevent injury while elevating the players strength and conditioning.  Sports Performance coaches will also work with each athlete in improving their speed, agility, and quickness to give each athlete the edge over their competition.

Integrated Sports Medicine

Volleyball athletes have access to our:

Recovery Center: State-of-the-art Recovery Center for post-performance treatment.

Nutrition and Vitality Lab: Nutrition & Vitality Lab informational sessions for optimal health and wellness capabilities.

Biomechanical Testing: 2D Biomechanical analysis for performance optimization and injury prevention.
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All of these can be combined with our multi-disciplinary medical approach with access to SA’s BDX and Kerlan & Jobe physicians and clinicians who utilize sports science and integrate Medical, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, to efficiently diagnose and rehabilitate our athletes.
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Recruiting Assistance

Players will receive consistent and attentive feedback during their recruiting experience. Our aim is to educate, guide and help families understand the road to college and its many facets in making the “right” decision along the way.

Gametime Footage
GameTime Footage is a proud supporter of Sports Academy Foundation offering highlight videos for athletes pursing their college volleyball dreams. With every package purchased GameTime Footage will offer a $50 discount to the athlete and then donate $50 to SA Foundation, to encourage developmental volleyball players to achieve greater things in life through sports programming. At checkout please use the code SA50.
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SportsRecruits College Recruiting Tool
Athletes associated with Sports Academy will have access to a first-year introductory rate through SAVC. With every membership, athletes will house their personal and volleyball information in one place, with assistance from Recruiting Coordinator Mariko Coverdale, to lead the individual down the road to finding the right school for each player. For more information about SportsRecruits and SAVC recruiting assistance, please contact Mariko Coverdale or 844-747-3100.


In addition to the regularly scheduled practices for SA Volleyball Club, benefits include discounts on various offerings on campus. Please enjoy your SA Volleyball Club discounts on behalf of Sports Academy.
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*If a beach athlete participates in SAVC Indoor Club, they will be included in all indoor team athletic services and will not participate as a beach player, unless the service is not offered to that indoor team.


If you are not sure what age division you should try out for? Simple. Just figure out how old you will be next year on August 31, 2018. You are eligible to play in that age group or an older age group. Players are allowed to play up in an older age division, but are not allowed to play down in age. Once you know your age division, sign up below.

Click here for the USAV age definition chart

For questions, contact For questions, contact or 844-518-7246.

Tryouts are $25 with pre-registration.  $40 at the door.

Make-up tryouts are $25 with pre-registration and can be set-up by email or phone call.

For questions, contact For questions, contact or 844-518-7246.

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