SACRAMENTO – 2025 SPRING Youth Flag Football League

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Important Dates

Saturday, May 31st is the COACHES MEETING
June 21st: Regular season starts
August 9th: Playoffs / Championships

Game Times

8 Week Season
9:00am - 6:00pm
each Saturday


Pre K - 8th
Boys & Girls of all skill levels


Registration: $225 ends October 1st
Late Registration: $250 starts April 1st | Player may be put on the wait list


Games will be played at:

Consumnes River College
8401 Center Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95823

Registration Includes

  • 8 week season - Saturdays games
  • SA Jersey
Got Questions?

Email Abbrom Ghoston for details or questions

Recreational League Goals

Our objectives are to develop and offer the female players the opportunity to learn fundamental skills while instilling life lessons and values such as character, respect, accountability, teamwork, and sportsmanship to all who will participate in the Sports Academy Summer Youth Flag Football League. Applying the discipline of sports, all participants shall endeavor to teach sportsmanship in a team environment, physical fitness through individual effort, and wholesome well-being through physical activity and social association with other youths under proper adult leadership. The objective will be achieved by providing a competitive, supervised youth flag football league.

The focus is on the player experience. We hope all players will fall in love with the great game of football, meet new people, make new friends, better understand teamwork, make fantastic memories, and more.

That being said, our league performs a player evaluation, with independent evaluators, followed by a proven and well-established draft process.

Bring your own team and play with your friends in the competitive division or join in as a free agent and play in the recreation division.

Volunteers Coaches Wanted!

If you understand football in any aspect, we’d like to hear from you. We are in need of coaches for our youth leagues that range from grades Pre K – 8th. Contribute to a good cause and provide leadership among our youth teams.

For youth sports players, participation is a chance to experience fun competition and learn new skills in a supportive, safe environment. Volunteer coaches help make that possible. Plus it helps you learn about the sport and spend some quality time with your kid. Volunteer head coaches help make this possible, assistant coaches are also welcome and if you are interested in either one fill out this form.

See Code of Conduct.


  • PARENTS’  CODE  OF  CONDUCT •  Understand  and  endorse  the  purpose  of  our  program:  to help girls become woman and boys become  men of empathy and  integrity who will lead,  be  responsible,  and  change  the  world  for good. •  Support the  coaches  by  applauding  behavior  in  your  child  and  his  teammates  that demonstrates  characteristics  of  integrity,  empathy,  sacrifice,  and  responsibility.   •  Acknowledge and appreciate  players’  growth  toward  maturity  and  their  effort  toward establishing  stronger  relationships  with  teammates,  coaches,  and  themselves.   •  Affirm  your  son/daughter  and  his/her  teammates  when  good  character,  healthy sportsmanship,  and  other  centered  behavior  are  displayed.  Do  not  affirm  only  his/her  athletic performance  or  a  victory.   •  Serve as role  models  for  our  players,  talking  politely  and  acting  courteously  toward  coaches, officials,  other  parents,  visiting  team  parents,  and  spectators  at  practices,  games  and  meetings. •  Model good sportsmanship.  Acknowledge  and  applaud  the  efforts  of  team  members  and opponents.  Accept  defeat  graciously  by  congratulating  the  members  of  the  opposing  team  on  a game well  played.  Support  the  team  regardless  of  how  much  or  how  little  your  son/daughter plays  or  what  the  win-loss  record  is. •  Encourage your  child  and  his/her  teammates  with  positive  statements,  even  when  they  make mistakes.  At  every  practice  they  are  growing  physically  and  emotionally.  At  every  practice  they are  learning  moral  and  ethical  lessons.  At  every  practice  they  are  developing  character. •  Because I am a parent with  the  power  and  platform  to  make  a  positive  difference  in  the  life  of every  player,  I  commit  to  this  code  of  conduct.  When  failing  to  live  up  to  these  standards,  I  will allow  for  accountability  and  take  responsibly  for  my  actions.PLAYERS’  CODE  OF  CONDUCT •  I accept responsibility  for  my  behavior  on  an  off  the  court.  I  understand  that  what  I  do  and  say affects  my  teammates,  and  other  people  either  positively  or  negatively.   •  I act with respect  toward  myself  and  the  people  and  things  around  me,  including  my  parents, my coaches,  my  teammates,  my  teachers,  my  opponents,  and  the  spectators.   •  I do not put people  in  boxes  according  to  their  race,  sex,  religion,  neighborhood,  sexual orientation,  or  abilities.  I  judge  people  by  the  content  of  their  character.   •  I serve as a role  model  at  all  times  by  talking  politely  and  acting  courteously  toward  coaches, teammates,  opponents,  officials,  and  spectators.  I  understand  that  it  is  a  privilege  to  represent my family,  school,  and  community  as  a  student-athlete.   •  I give 100 percent  effort  to  practices,  games,  and  events.  I  understand  that  that  effort demonstrates  my  commitment  to  the  team  and  my  respect  for  my  coaches  and  teammates.   •  I display  good  sportsmanship.  I  acknowledge  and  applaud  the  efforts  of  others.  I  encourage  my teammates  with  positive  statements.  I  refrain  from  boasting  to  my  teammates  and  “trash talking”  to  members  of  other  teams.  I  accept  defeat  graciously  by  congratulating  my  opponents on  a game well  played.   •  Because I represent  my  family,  school,  and  team,  I  abide  by  the  policies,  rules,  and  guidelines  of the  league,  team,  and  coaches.

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