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Nyra Froto

Massage Therapist

Nyra Froto

Nayra is a a certified Massage Therapist and “Wellness Specialist” with a profound dedication to fostering an active and mindful lifestyle through specialized massage and stretch therapy. Her practice is distinguished by a unique ability to combine deep understanding of body mechanics with personalized care. Utilizing Deep Tissue techniques to deliver transformational results for muscle recovery and decreasing pain.


Nayra is from Santa Cruz, California, a small beach town in the Bay Area. She grew up very athletic; studying Teo Kwon Do, soccer, swimming, snowboarding but what stole her heart was dance. She went to a classical Ballet studio and separated from that, a competitive dance studio. She had the opportunity to perform and compete against other studios from across the state. Ranking high as a soloist and with her company, she continued to follow her passion for dance, and moved across the coast to Boston, Massachusetts. There; she studied Modern dance at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music. Throughout her career in dance, Nayra had many injuries. Her last injury, left her to make the decision to change her career path to helping others bring awareness to a well rounded recovery routine to create longevity and max performance in their active lifestyle, through different massage and stretching modalities. These days her artistry shines through her paintings!

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