Mindset Development

Please Join Our Mindset Development Directors for

BE IN THE MOMENT with Mindfullness

Learn to focus here and now. The directors at Mindset Development and Yoga have partnered to teach the tools necessary for athletes, teams, coaches, and parents to perform in the moment.

When: December 14th, 7pm-8pm
Where: Sports Academy Foundation room

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  • AASP (Association of Applied Sport Psychology) Certified Directors
  • Mindset lab that includes 2 training rooms & 2 private offices
  • Staff trained specifically in sport psychology
  • Staff has diverse and extensive knowledge from personal athletic careers as well as training youth to Olympic athletes
  • Tangible mental skills measurements to provide a baseline and progression analysis
  • Using a four-step approach to equip athletes with array of mental skills
  • Directors are dedicated to the success of individuals and teams


  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • 2 Private Offices
  • Dynaboard
  • NeuroTracker


Mindset Development believes that training the mind is like training any other muscle. Mental skills training provide an in-depth understanding of specific tools that athletes learn, practice, and master. These specific skills assist athletes whether they are facing roadblocks or just want to gain an edge over their competition. Our AASP-certified (Association of Applied Sports Psychology) Mindset Development team is trained at the graduate level in sport psychology.  As previous athletes themselves, the team is passionate about helping athletes achieve ideal mindsets for optimal performance. Their extensive expertise with athletes ranging from beginner to Olympic levels allows the mindset development program to train a variety of athletes.

Our customized program incorporates sports science with mental skills training through the use of cognitive and vision training tools such as Dynavision and Neurotracker. Tangible mental skills are measured to provide a baseline and progression analysis to show an athlete’s growth. We have various offerings based on the needs, level, and age of each athlete that include consultations, mental skills training, and mindset lab appointments.

Mindset Development is dedicated to the success of individual and teams alike, taking a Full Circle approach to training, never leaving the mental game up to chance.  Recognizing the mental aspect of performance is only the beginning, we provide the psychological "How To's" for optimal performance when it matters most.


Mental Skills Training
Mindset Lab

To schedule an appointment please email us at mindset@sportsacademy.

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