94 FT OF GAME Summer Camp Series

For Boys and Girls Ages 9-16

June 17-21: Triple Threat Camp | $599
June 24-27: Elite Skills Camp | $499
July 1-3, 5: Ball Handling/Finishing Camp | $499
July 8-12: Mid Range/Footwork Camp | $599
July 15-19: Shooting/Off-Ball Movement Camp | $599
July 22-26: Pick & Roll/Passing Camp | $599
July 29-Aug 2: Breakdown Moves Camp | $599
August 5-9: Complete Skills Camp | $599

Camps Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Sports Academy
1011 Rancho Conejo Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced and Elite
Players will be grouped by skill level

Camp Details

  • Players will need to bring their own lunch
  • Players will need to bring their own basketball
  • College and pro level experienced coaches
  • Registration includes a camp t-shirt

Review updated cancellation policy


Sports Academy is proud to announce that 94FEETOFGAME, the basketball training company founded and run by 3-time NBA Champion Coach Phil Handy, will lead the coaching staff for its acclaimed 4th annual Summer Progressive Camp Series. Coach Handy will personally design the camp curriculum and his 94FEETOFGAME certified trainers will lead the on-court instruction ensuring the highest quality coaching of the very latest trends in the basketball world. As an added bonus, Coach Handy is offering camp participants a 7-day free trial of the 94FEETOFGAMEAPP.


Created and designed by some of the best minds in youth basketball development, this summer camp series will provide maximum benefit when taken sequentially and in total. Each camp will go deep into its specified focus area with extensive drill work to achieve maximum improvement.

Over the course of the program, campers will make substantial progress towards becoming a more complete player. If your schedule does not allow you to participate in all seven camps, you will still benefit greatly from taking as few as one camp.

About Coach Handy and 94FEETOFGAME

Coach Phil Handy launched his basketball training business, 94FEETOFGGAME in 1999 to develop athletes domestically and internationally. In 2011, he was offered his first NBA position as Director of Player Development for the Los Angeles Lakers working closely with Kobe Bryant. Subsequently, Phil worked in a similar position with the Cleveland Cavaliers contributing to their 2016 NBA Championship before advancing to Assistant Coach with the Toronto Raptors contributing to their 2019 NBA Championship. Coach Handy rejoined the Lakers as Assistant Coach in 2019 where the Lakers’ 2020 NBA Championship became his 3rd NBA title in just 5 years. Coach Handy has worked with and trained some of the best players to ever play including Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Steve Nash, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and many more.

In 2017, Coach Handy took his basketball skills coaching to the next level by launching his 94FEETOFGAMEAPP where he takes the fundamentals of teaching the best players in the world to students of all ages.

Triple Threat Camp – WAITLIST ONLY

June 17-21

The fundamental basis for all offensive plays comes from the effective use of the Triple Threat Mentality – shoot, dribble, pass. Receive extensive reps on the fundamentals of Triple Threat combined with new wrinkles from the pro game to elevate your performance!

Elite Skills Camp – WAITLIST ONLY

June 24-27

Regardless of your current level of play, our unique approach to camp structure enables you to make advances relevant to your game towards elite skills. With a concentration on shooting and playmaking, you’ll come back to your team with new tools in your kit!

Ball Handling/Finishing Camp – WAITLIST ONLY

July 1-3, 5

Building upon strong ball-handling fundamentals, you’ll learn how to get defenders off balance and create space. Once accomplished, an array of finishing moves gives you the edge you’ve been looking for!

Mid-Range/Footwork Camp

July 8-12

Improve your game when you step inside the three-point line by mastering your shot off of the dribble, fade-aways, and catch-and-shoot. Great footwork is the key to mastering the mid-range!

Shooting/Off-Ball Movement Camp – WAITLIST ONLY

July 15-19

We build shooters from the ground up! Learn how to set yourself up with off-the-ball movement and team it with drills to improve your balance and form to improve your shooting percentage next season.

Pick & Roll/Passing Camp

July 22-26

The most underrated skill is passing. The most often used play is the pick and roll. They go together like PB&J which is why this camp will make you the master of the triple-double!

Breakdown Moves Camp

July 29-August 2

The key to attacking play is learning to be deceptive. Extensive drilling on moves off of pump fakes, jabs, step-backs and more combined with finishes like runners, floaters and pull-ups will keep defenders guessing!

Complete Skills Camp

August 5-9

For players who attended multiple sessions, this camp will pull it all together to take you a level higher! For those attending our camps for the first time, this all-around camp will make sure you leave with some new moves and knowledge to step your game up!


The Standard is Set; Here…

Back for our second week of training at the Sports Academy with Coaches Phil Handy, Clark, and the rest of the high-level coaching staff that conduct the 94FEETOFGAME basketball program.

In an effort to expose our son to some accelerated training opportunities to continue to build his skills, we scheduled a week with 94FEETOFGAME and then a week with a nationally branded camp. During Day 1 of the Nationally Branded  Camp, we experienced an extremely high number of attendees, and structure not lending itself to the focused high-level training we expected. It was evident that our son was not going to get the “coaching” needed at his current developmental stage.

The camp initially attended appears to be more of a “catchall exposure” experience, versus training at a high level for competitors. So after 5 hours of disappointment, we decided enough was enough. We called upon Coach Clark to see if we could get our son back for the current week’s session of 94FEETOFGAME. His words were; “Bring Him Back!” That was all we needed to hear. We drove straight to the hotel, packed everything and headed back to the Sports Academy.

94FEETOFGAME Program Staff Provided: 1) low athlete-to-coach ratio providing a more individualized assessment, 2) specific coaching ‘our’ son needed, 3) motivation and mindset training, 4) encouragement AND discipline.

Thanks to Coach Handy, Clark, the rest of the coaching crew and Sports Academy for their outstanding high level of training provided to our son. We will be back!

Rob and Marilyn
Clovis, CA

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