The Sports Academy Team

Nate Borunda Co-Founder / Executive Director

Nate Borunda is a co-founding partner of Sports Academy, where he oversees operations, partnerships, and the ongoing growth of the Sports Performance Department. He actively collaborates with the Sports Academy’s Actor & Entertainer Program, focusing on role transformations and providing on-site training.

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Chad Faulkner CEO

Meet Chad Faulkner, Chief Executive Officer. A passionate and experienced leader, Chad cares deeply about everything Sports Academy influences and has committed with responsibility to deliver. He guides the Sports Academy Team to greater opportunities wherever they can deliver meaningful and inspiring value.

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Jon Spotts Co-Founder and Director of Sports Academy Foundation

Jon is an experienced operating executive with deep knowledge in sports management (training, coaching, facilities, tech, philanthropy), international retailing, wholesaling, software development, and business/strategy consulting.  He is the President of Sports Academy. Jon was previously President of Mamba Sports Academy and Club Director and Coach for Mamba Basketball Club.

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