The Sports Academy Team

Dr. Beau Daniels, DC Co-Founder, Executive Director of Integrated Sports Medicine & Human Performance
Director of Volleyball

Beau brings with him over 15 years of hands-on experience in Sports Medicine. Beau is a co-owner of Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine that is housed inside Sports Academy, providing all of our medical services in-house.  Currently Beau is a Co-Founder of Sports Academy and Body Dynamix, the Executive Director of Integrated Sports Medicine and Human Performance, and the Director of Volleyball at Sports Academy. In addition to that he is also the Official Chiropractor for the 2022 World Champion Los Angeles Rams. 

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Christine Yangson Performance Coach &
Volleyball Coach

Christine Yangson is a Performance Coach as well as the Head Coach for our girls U15’s volleyball club team for the 2023-24 season. As one of the few female sports performance coaches at Sports Academy’s, Christine dedicates an extensive amount of time and personal research into performance training, mobility, plyometrics, and nutrition and teaches several Sports Academy classes including Jump Training. Christine’s love for the game has driven her passion for coaching volleyball since 2006 holding roles as both head and an assistant at the club and High School levels.

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Sarah Wroblicky Executive Assistant to Dr. Beau Daniels, DC
Patient Liaison
Sports Academy VBC Admin & Volleyball Operations
Club Volleyball Coach

Sarah is the Executive Assistant to Dr. Beau Daniels, DC and has worked for him for about 8 years. She played Division 1 Volleyball at Auburn University where she learned the importance of teamwork, dedication, and leadership. She has a multi-faceted skill set that allows her to be plugged into multiple areas of the company. In addition, she is the assistant coach for the boys 16’s team for the 2023-24 volleyball club season, this is her second year with this team and has coached youth volleyball for over 12 years.

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Aidan Godfrey Volleyball Coach

Aidan works with a wide variety of our volleyball players here at Sports Academy in both indoor and sand. He enjoys teaching all aspects of the game from the basic skills & fundamentals to the mental components and overall team strategy. Aidan is passionate about volleyball and is excited share that passion with others.


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Halle Perkins Volleyball Coach

Coach Halle Perkins has been a part of our family at Sports Academy for three years now and is one of our head coaches for our Youth Volleyball Membership as well as the Assistant Coach for our 15’s Girls club team for the 2023-24 season. While coaching basic volleyball is one goal, she also hopes to encourage kids to find a love for the sport all while teaching the importance of teamwork and ethics.

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Casey Patterson Volleyball Coach

Casey is the Assistant Coach for the boys indoor 14’s club team for the 2023-24 season here at Sports Academy. In addition, he has partnered with Sports Academy with his sand volleyball program known as the CP Experience. Casey has achieved many accolades throughout his career ranging from AVP Championships to representing USA in the Olympics.

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Dr. Kaitlyn Lester, DC Chiropractor
Volleyball Coach

Dr. Kait is a native of Orange, California and graduate of Southern California University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and emphasis in Sports Medicine. She has a passion for helping athletes suffering from injuries recover and return to play as well as giving them the tools they need to prevent future injuries. Dr. Kait is excited to be a part of the volleyball coaching staff as it has reconnected her to the sport she loves.

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Jen Baklenko Volleyball Coach

Jen comes to Sports Academy with an unmatched passion for the game of volleyball. She has coached at all levels of volleyball from Little Spikers, to 3 high school programs, 7 clubs, 3 D1 NCAA programs and loves to share her passion and knowledge for the game that has been her life’s work.

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Scott Baklenko Volleyball Coach

Scott has coached volleyball for 10 years across 4 club programs while using his knowledge of other sports to train athletes to reach their true potential. He has also served as a volunteer coach in several school and beach programs. His ability to connect with and help develop players from a tactical perspective has been key to a player’s developmental success. He strives to teach the game in a manner that allows the young athlete to “love the game for life”.

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Carrie Halvorsen Volleyball Coach

Carrie Halvorsen is the Assistant Coach of the girls 14-Premier Club Volleyball team and one of the senior coaches working with the Youth Membership Volleyball program.  She has been coaching volleyball for many years in developmental, club and NCAA Division 1.  She played volleyball at TOHS, The University of Arizona and the Women’s USA National Team.

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Tracy Duffey Volleyball Coach

Tracy is bringing her love and knowledge of the game of volleyball to help young athletes develop and reach their full potential.  She is currently offering private and small group lessons to middle and high school age girls and boys seeking extra training.  Tracy has a passion for coaching youth athletes, helping them improve their individual volleyball skills, as well as expand their mindset and increase their competitive drive.  She also enjoys coaching in a team setting and helping to foster the special bonds between teammates that make their experience both successful and enjoyable.  When coaching, Tracy focuses on the whole person and emphasizes positive attitude, work ethic, teamwork, competition, and valuable life skills.

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Cameron Baklenko Volleyball Coach

Cameron coaches beach and indoor for youth and high school players. She loves sharing her knowledge of the game to inspire the love of the sport in young players while helping them become the best version of themselves. Cameron competed at the D1 level for Pepperdine’s beach volleyball program and trained in the USA beach volleyball pipeline.

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Troy Magorien Volleyball Coach

Troy helps assist the 14s & 16s boys team at Sports Academy while also working with other athletes. Coach Magorien lives life similarly to what he expects from his athletes- to always have a positive growth mindset in all aspects of life whether that be learning, working, or striving for success. He believes our athletes should always compete with a purpose and strive for excellence on and off the court.

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Brandon Kaithathara Volleyball Coach

Brandon is the Assistant Coach of the girls’ indoor 14’s club team for the 2023-24 season. With experience in the high school/college level of indoor volleyball, he hopes to bring his skill and mindset to help further the progress of the players that come through Sports Academy.

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Andy Rupp Volleyball Coach

Andy Rupp has joined the Sports Academy family this year as an Assistant Coach for boys 14U. Andy brings a love for team dynamics and an enthusiasm to work hard. These core beliefs were able to help him excel as a Middle Blocker for the UC San Diego men’s volleyball team

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